Military U-329 (U-229) 6 pin connector --- Custom / Home Brew / New Product

Good Day Everyone,

I am looking to connect a Digirig Mobile to a Thales PRC6809, though this “should” work for any military radio that accepts the H-250 hand mic or similar.

I have included a pin out form the maintenance manual and a link to the Amphenol datasheet.

Questions I have are:
1.) Has anyone done this and if so can you share your build so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel?
2.) Would this build require any additional circuity or could a be so lucky that soldering the wiring line-for-line from something like the Yaesu FT-8xx cable work?

One additional bit of information, while it would be preferred to use the 6 pin connector for several reasons, not the lest of which is that other radios use it… If the 6 pin connector won’t work the radio also has a 18 pin side connector that I can get pin outs for and post at anyone’s request.

Thanks and 73’s

Amphenol U-329 Datasheet


You should be able to interface this with Digirig (audio socket) as follows:

U-283/U Pin A (GND/REF) → 3.5mm TRRS sleeve (GND)
U-283/U Pin B (AUDIO/SENSE-CMD) → 3.5mm TRRS tip (RIG_AFOUT)
U-283/U Pin C (PTT/REQN) → 3.5mm TRRS ring 2 (PTT)
U-283/U Pin D (MIC/DATA) → 3.5mm TRRS ring 1 (RIG_AFIN)

Please report if you decide to build it. Also let me know if you want to see this cable added to store.

Thank you for your time and the information.

I will build it, likely later today or this weekend. I gave my Digirig away to a guy new to digital modes and ordered a replacement yesterday. When it arrives I will conduct testing and report back.

I vote YES to having this be a product. But I totally understand that one ‘green radio’ enthusiast might not make it a viable business decision to add a product.

With that said, I will list some of the civilian owned radios that this SHOULD work with… I am doing this mostly to ensure they are in this thread when people use the search function.

Thales PRC-6809
Harris RF-3183
Harris RF-7850
Harris RF-5800
Harris RF-310M-HH
Harris RF-5833H
Harris PRC-138
Motorola LST-5C
PRC-126 / RT-1547
PRC-113 / RT-1319

It SHOULD also work with all the mil-sim (airsoft) Chinese ‘baofeng gut’ in “cool guy” case radios… like the Triumph Instrument (TRI) PRC148 and PRC152 — This really isn’t my cup of tea, so I can’t really speak to it, but everyone of these that I have seen work with a real H-250 handset which uses the same U-229 connector so it SHOULD work…

Real military radios that it SHOULD work with AND I WILL TEST:

Thanks again


Thank you for posting the list. I look forward to hearing about results from your cable build.

So PRC-77 is not a real military radio?

@Constrainted – Solid point and good catch if I am understand your question to mean that you think the PRC-77 is in the wrong group in my above post.

Words have meaning and I clearly failed to ensure that I was writing/communicating to be understood as opposed to ensuring that I was not misunderstood.

The category in questions should be “CURRENT military radios…”

The PRC-77 is a legacy radio, that was not a CCI device when the additional module(s) were not installed. Most all modern military radios are CCI devices and can not be de-milled and legally released to the public… key word being “most”. Knowing that the signal community has lots of HAMs in it, I included that sub list so that my brothers and sisters will hopefully find this post and not have to reinvent the wheel.

While your mileage may very, in my opinion, you will be hard pressed to find a PRC-77 in any modern commo cage. The only time I have ever seen them in my career where when the OIC or NCOIC of a S6 section was a HAM radio guy or other commo nerd (I am one, so I can call people that right?.. lol) who horded the unit when they started falling off the books. That and I have seen them in military museums. Otherwise they are a staple of ebay and HAM events, not active units on mission.

You will find these in service with other countries who bough (or were given) old stock, who may or may not ‘currently’ use these, however I can not speak further on this subject as it is beyond my current knowledge base.

With all that said, NONE of the above list should in any way be considered all inclusive… There are plenty of radios (both government and COTS) that should have made the list. The above were ONLY what came to mind as I was quickly typing out the post when I should have been working.

Example: The Codan and Barrett line of radios… I wish I would have mentioned them… but now I have.

The only goal of the above list, as stated, was to get some radios listed so that if/when anyone searches the forum in the future looking to see if anyone has attempted to get a Digirid to work with these types of radios, they will hopefully be more likely to find this thread.

I highly encourage others to list out any and ALL radios they feel I have missed, it is a deep rabbit hole and it takes a community since no one can master it all.

As I get to test these systems I will report back on the outcome. I hope others with access to these radios will do the same. I DO NOT have access to all the radios mentioned above… I wish my pockets were that deep.

Again, thank you for calling out the need for clarification, I really do appreciate it.

73’s to you and all following this thread.

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Thanks for your detailed explanation.

Hi everybody

I have a PRC-320 and a PRC-2200 and a DigiRig Cable would be great!

73, Stephan

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