Modem speeds with Soundmodem

Using Digirig with soundmodem and can only get it working with ASFK AX.25 1200bd. The problem is that it is slow on the BBS and also when trying to download a large email it hangs near the end. I do not know if the two issues are related, but I cannot seem to get any other speed to work. Even tried HS_Soundmodem, and none of the speeds works (also noticing there is no ASFK version). Maybe when I select another modem speed or type I need to make changes other places?

Also, is Vara FM the same type of program as Soundmodem? If so would that be easier?


This can be transceiver specific. Some radios have a separate electrical connection for 9600 baud audio bandwidth vs the default 1200 baud.

Case in point is Yaesu FT-8xx:


Soundmodem and VaraFM play similar roles of the software TNC.

Thanks. Sorry, using audio input of Baofeng radio

With bfeng there may be other factors:

  • software settings on local station
  • software settings on remote station
  • wide vs narrow band setting

OK, still learning. Is Vara FM the same function as Soundmodem? If so, any preferences?