Modified 1.5 for RTS PTT with HT

Any suggestions on how to debug this modification?

Audio works fine but can’t get PTT to work. I have checked cable from HT to Digirig and can trigger PTT by shorting tip to sleeve on the serial TRS jack on the Digirig board.

Also, when I set up PTT on VARA FM, it successfully connects to Com 4 which is where the Digirig is connected.

Works fine with 1.9.

tnx … Tom VE3NY

Please share the picture of modifications on the back side of the PCB.

There is a good chance that the cuts extended outside the area between the pads and clipped some of the traces in the area. You can check continuity and botch any severed connections based on the attached schematic.

digirig-mobile-1_5-schematic.pdf (91.0 KB)


Just to bring closure on this subject, my 1.5 is now working again and has been modified to use my HT. Thanks to Denis for great advice and reference information (schematic and picture of the land pattern of the pcb). The answer to both my questions on the attached image was “yes”. The “red” arrow is where the pattern was cut.


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