Motorola XTS5000 cable

I’ve got the pinout for the XTS and the diagram for the TRRS connectors. I’m going to be chopping up an old speaker mic to make a cable. It uses pins 1-7. I just can’t make heads or tails of which pin corresponds to which position on either of the TRRS connectors. Can anyone look over these diagrams and point me in the right direction?

I’m pretty certain:

2 (EXT_SPKR) → tip (RIG_AFOUT)
3 (EXT_MIC) → ring1 (RIG_AFIN)
8 (GND) → sleeve (GND)

More info is needed which pin is PTT. Maybe 13?
You can determine that by checking which line in speaker/mic drops resistance to GND when you press PTT. Take some pictures of the insides of the speaker mic and we can try reverse engineering the connections.

Thank you for your help! I’ll have to crack the mic open because it’s a sealed unit. In looking at the actual mic connector I’ve learned that only pins 1-6 & 8 are present on the mic side. I tested the pins with a continuity tester to the wires on the mic end. I’ve learned that 1 shares a wire with 8. 5 had no wire as far as I can tell so that only leaves 4 and 6. I’m inclined to think that 4 is PTT. Thoughts?

The other thought I had is using the QD adapter which has a hirose 6 pin. I’ve found a cheap hirose to K type adapter, would this allow me to just use a baofeng/Kenwood cable?

Yes, that should work. This will also help reverse engineer the pinout so that you can a cleaner build.

Thank you for your help!

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So I’ve been able to do some testing. I’ve definitely isolated the PTT and have been able to engage it from FLdigi. I’m not terribly tech savvy by any standard let alone Ham standards so Im not sure if my mic circuit is wired wrong or if the audio settings in FLdigi are incorrect bc but when i transmit I’m getting only an open PTT but no digital audio on the Rx radio in the next room. I have “EXT-SPKR” wired to T and “EXT-MIC” to R1. I’ve got some unused pins on the Motorola connector which include “OPTB+/VPP” and “SPKR-COM”. I currently have no way to test digital modes Rx.

I primarily wanted to use andflmsg via an android Sonim XP10 phone. Does this support RTS PTT? If so, how do I make that work?

Do you have audio from radio on the computer? You can monitor it by checking “listen” box in properties for Digirig’s recording device. I’m asking to ensure you connected audio input/output correctly. Those being swapped could be the reason for no audio getting on the air.

Additionally you can confirm there is audio output from Digirig by plugging in regular headphones into Digirig’s audio socket.

I have confirmed that there is audio from the Digirig by plugging headphones into the audio port.

The sound is expected when the software transmits.
If you don’t get the audio then check the software settings to make sure Digirig’s playback is selected as the output device.

Yeah… I’ve been trying to do this for over a year. You can get an XTS to Motorola 2-pin adapter, which I thought would get me halfway there, and BTech just came out with a K1 female to Motorola 2-pin male adapter, which should have finished the job.

No joy. I’m about to chuck it and go back to trying to figure out how to send data over P25 using the DB25 connector on the XTS Convertacom dock.

Want to buy a couple of DigiRig 1.5s with PTT mod, cheap?

Did you get any results? Audio out of radio, PTT, audio to the radio?

Does andflmsg support RTS PTT? If so how do I access that feature?

Please sir, do not give up!