New Digirig on the way and I have questions G90 and Winlink

Hello all, just joined. I ordered a Digirig last night to add to my Go Box for use with my Xiegu G90. My primary use will be Winlink and JS8Call for ARES operations.
I’m currently using a 2012 MacBook Pro in my shack running Win10 through Bootcamp. So far everything works fine with all the Windows programs that I’m using including Winlink and VaraHF.
For those of you using a Digirig for Winlink on a G90 are there any issues, problems or tips that you have experienced that you could pass on?
I’m looking forward to setting everything up and seeing how much I can do with the Digirig and G90.

There is a general troubleshooting guide:

There are also some threads here dealing with your question:

Let us know how it goes!

73 Constrainted

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