New to digirig/Data transmissions

I’m looking into creating my own software to send data through digirig into my UV-5R.
but i’m unsure exactly how i should use the digirig. Could i just use the digirig as a RS232 and send data through that way (if it even works) or should i convert data into sound (like a sound modem)

Please help me i am literally confused (i’m asking this before i even buy a DIGIRIG)

You’ll need to implement virtual modem functionality which will convert digital data stream into a audio tones which you can then send to the radio through Digirig’s playback component (sound card). Similarly, you’ll receive the audio stream from the radio which you’ll need to process into the bitstream. The serial port can be used for control of the radios capable of CAT and/or programming of the radio’s memory.

You can use one of the existing virtual modems (soundmodem, varaFM) and communicate with it via the IP socket.

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Does the soundcard work with windows audio, or do i have to do some black magic for it?

Yes, Digirig shows up in Windows as a standard soundcard. You’ll need to implement audio device selection so the sounds are send/received using the specific device and not the default.