New to Digital Modes

I’ve been away from amateur radio for literally 20 years, digital modes are a bit of a mystery to me. I need to understand what constitutes a complete hardware chain from my laptop to my FT-818 to run WinLink, FT8, or JS8Call. Is that simply a digirig plus cables? If so, what cables are needed?

Yes, that’ll be all you need.

  • USB cable from computer to Digirig
  • Digirig in logic levels configuration for FT-818
  • Transceiver side cables (Yaesu FT-8xx)

I am going through the same process for my FT-818 and I plan to make a documentation that hopefully will help future myself and anyone interested.

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@K0TX I see that the cable for 818 is on backorder (any ETA), can we get the digirig to connect to radio on the side ports?

My understanding is that there will be one RG45 for mic and ptt and one 3.5mm plug for sp.

FT-8xx cables expected back in stock in coming week or two.
Yes, you can use the mic/headphones connectors as alternative to ACC port. This is how most mobile rigs are wired up.

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