No audio out from radio

I just got my digirig and struggling to get audio from the radio. I have an IC-V3500.
When just trying to capture audio on windows from it as a microphone input I was getting no audio. When turning the radio up to 100% with a strong audio signal I just get “scratching” sort of distortion at an extremely low level.

I’m using the digirig store ICOM RJ45 cable. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot either the cable or digirig would be great.

Edit: Continuity checks per the RJ45 cable wiring. PTT and Audio TO radio work fine.

You can try monitoring audio on computer’s speakers and running a loopback test to rule out Digirig and cable as suspects:

Playing out the PC headphone jack:
and monitoring the USB microphone:

Microphone input level is set to 100%. Headphone out volume i tested at various levels.

From your screenshots it appears that the defaults are still set to Digirig’s audio components. Also, you mentioned testing the output through the computer’s speakers/headphones, but the the troubleshooting of Digirig’s audio involves connecting the headphones to Digirig’s audio socket instead. Please carefully review the above video for the the recommended setting and troubleshooting steps.

I did watch the video to completion and followed all the steps regarding defaults.

On both an HT and the ICOM mobile I have the same issue getting any data into the digirig listening to a clear signal like weather. Both PTT and transmit audio just fine.

On both the ICOM RJ45 cable and a Baeofang HT cable on the same digirig I get no audio in on both a windows PC and a rasberry pi running digipi.

I guess I have no choice but to try to exchange it.

Sure, give replacement a try. Almost all returned items on Amazon end up being just fine, but in this case it may actually be necessary.

I’m happy to pay for the shipping if it ends up being my issue. Please let’s keep this post open until I can check.

As update: A replacement did solve the problem I appreciate the support and quick responses!