No Driver available?

Despite numerous tries to get the Digirig little beauty running I asm against a brick wall regarding a “No driver” situation. I have uploaded two Device Manager screen pics showing 1) No COM Port and 2) No driver. I have searched for a driver(s) tyo no avail.

Yes, some computers don’t have CP2102N driver pre-installed and it needs to be added as outlined in “getting started” guide.

Here’s the video demonstrating the process:

Many thanks.

I’m having a “Dumb-Day”! :smiling_face:

I downloaded the instructions, printed them off and proceeded to follow them.

Your message explained why I didn’t get anywhere with it. I didn’t realize that the download links were on the screen for us to simply select an download……heading for the laptop to get this done.



No worries, we’ve all been there and worse :slight_smile: