NOOB question on Digirig for multiple radios

Just beginning to poke my nose into Winlink (RMS Express) w/both VARA FM (w/Baofeng HT, at least for the moment) and VARA HF (w/both Icom and Elecraft KX3). Assuming I wish to proceed with all of this, would this require (3) separate Digirigs, or can Digirig be reconfigured on the fly (or maybe there’s somehow no reconfig required?) for the necessary CAT control? (I recognize that different cable assemblies are required for interface to these different radios.)

Related question, first priority is with the Baofeng, in combination w/RIGblaster Advantage. Assume it’s viable (no showstoppers) to use this combination of devices to hit a local Winlink node, correct? i.e. The approach I’m considering is not a misapplication?

For digital modes you can use the same Digirig configured for RS-232 between the Elecraft KX and the Baofeng. Later doesn’t support CAT control that’s why it can be used with Digirig in any configuration.

If you plan to use the programming cable for Baofeng then you’ll need a separate Digirig configured for logic levels.

Sorry, I don’t know how things are configured with RIGblaster. There may be relevant info in their knowledge base.