Omnirig + Digirig + IC-7000

I am trying to hook-up my IC-7000 for WSJT-X and keep getting a Omnirig port not available error.
I have the Omnirig middleware set to come on upon power up with the IC-7000 as the rig. How is it supposed to know that the Digirig is between the computer and the radio?? I have no CAT control. Audio works fine. Does someone have a written down procedure for this combination??

Paul KM4PT

To rule out the hardware and transceiver configuration issues I would suggest to first configure CAT control directly from the digital modes app. When that works, move the same settings to Ominirig.

The CAT/CI-V baud has to match between the port settings in transceiver and the software. I see 19200 8N1 as one of the options mentioned in online sources. According to the user manual for the transceiver the baud rate is menu #48.

ic7000.pdf (3.6 MB)

Denis, I hooked everything up direct with no Omnirig software on the computer. I cannot get the CAT to change anything on the radio.
I have tried CAT with port 12 as designated by Device Manager and with USB and with PTT in every combination I can think of. To no avail.
All SET settings are as you recommended. Can you give me a hint at the correct WSJT-X settings to even begin??

Paul KM4PT

Ok, let’s take another step back and forget about the CI-V/CAT right now.
Connect only the audio cable and select “none” for rig and RTS as PTT method in WSJT-X. This should get you operating FT8 except the CAT part. Let me know how that goes and we’ll take it from there.

Denis, Thank you so much for your help. I’m in the middle of a Monday night net and won’t be able to get back to this until tomorrow noon Central Time.
I will hook it up with just audio and see what happens.

Paul KM4PT

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Denis, making a little progress. May I send you a couple of screenshots?? The WSJT-X is not seeing the radio com port but the computer is.
Audio is working fine.

Paul KM4PT

Let’s see the screenshots of Device Manager and WSJT-X configuration.

Device Manager shows com port 12 for CAT and shows audio devices as Digirig.