One digirig for 4 radios. Is it doable?

I own a bunch of radios. All have different purposes and I have them at multiple locations. I want to get into FT8. The radios are: Ftdx1200, Ft-897, Ft-857, Elecraft KX-3. The question is, can I use one Digirig, with appropriate cables, across all three radios? If I can do it with one Digirig model, which model, and would I have to reoption it for each radio or just change cables. I know 897 and 857 are basically the same radio


Maybe, as long as the input attenuator setting on Digirig works for all of the radios. In my case, I use the stock input configuration for 2 HT, 1 VHF/UHF Mobile, 2 truSDX QRP transceivers. Nevertheless, I have multiple Digirigs which live on the base shack, and go bags.

That’s my experience.

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If you want to have optional CAT control on all radios then you’ll need a separate unit for Elecraft KX3 (RS-232) while the rest can share another unit (Logic Levels).


Denis K0TX,

Thanks for that detailed response.

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