Problem connecting X5105 to Ham Radio Deluxe

Hi All!
I’m having issue getting my X5101 connected with Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD).
Have the ZDR-XIE-G90 kit I bought from Gigaparts, wired up to my X5105 and attached to my windows 10 tablet.
Have the latest Silicon Labs CP210 drivers installed.
In device manager, I see the Silicon Laps cp210x USB-UART Bridge (currently set to COM2, although I’ve tried other ports with no luck)

Inside the HRD app, I try to make a new connection using the following recommended steps:
Radio/Model: Icom 7000 (what HRD recommends using for the X5105)
Com Port: Auto Detect
Speed: Auto Detect
CI-V Add 70 (or blank)
Flow Control: all unchecked

It runs the cycle and ends up not connecting.
Any ideas?

I would first try something like WSJT-X because it is easier to setup and make sure everything is connected and works right. Then I’m a bit skeptical about “auto detect” business.

Here’s the relevant post in X5105 group: | HRD Settings
Digirig’s specific is that all hardware flow control needs to be unchecked (RTS is used for PTT).