PTT keyed continuously with APRSdroid

I have 2 old HTs, a Baofeng UV5R and an Icom IC-32AT, that I wanted to use for mobile APRS using APRSdroid running on a Samsung phone. I am using homebrewed cables for these HTs to connect to DigiRig (and they work well on Winlink.) The DigiRig is connected to the phone via a USB-C cable.

I have APRSdroid configured as follows:

Connection Protocol: TNC (KISS)
Connection Type: USB Serial

When I press Start Tracking on APRSdroid, the HTs would key with no packet tones coming out and remained keyed until I either turn off the HT or disconnect the cable.

Any ideas on how to resolve the issue?

Boyet 4F3BZ

Check “sticky PTT” section of the troubleshooting guide. Likely a case of RFI.