QRP Labs QCX mini/QMX

What digirig setup (serial connection and cables) should I get if I use my QRP Labs QCX mini/QMX ?

My understanding that these transceivers are only suitable for CW use.
Digital modes typically require the bandwidth of a voice channel.
You can however use Digirig’s PTT switch for keying up CW.

I was also wondering about @N4FJC 's goal, and which radio they want to use. I do not own these radios. I understand the QCX is CW and the QMX is CW/WSJT-x/JS8CALL/RTTY/Olivia modes which need not use SSB. QMX has an onboard soundcard.

73 Constrainted

Thank you both for your responses. I currently own a mini, and I am waiting for the QMX. I mistakenly believed I could do digital on the mini, I was wrong. Concerning the QMX, I will wait for further instructions and any software updates for that radio.

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The QMX uses just a usb cable https://youtube.com/shorts/g7fTDiHRsXU?si=ifmyOE4ZMDxlrm0G

73 Ron