Quansheng UV-K5 Winlink Connection Problem

Baofeng cables work OK but radio has a delay in switching back from TX to RX with the squelch wide open. As a result, both packet and VARA-FM Winlink sessions do not fully connect. I can hear the VARA-FM Ping test response partially cutoff (same for the Auto Tune test). Reception of packets on the soundmodem.exe window are good, but the response from the Winlink gateway is likely partially cutoff on the first packet after switching back from TX to RX.

The same Digirig Baofeng cables work fine with an Anytone 878 HT.

Anyone have any success with this radio on Winlink and if you had to do any special f/w updates to get this issue fixed?

Thanks much.

73, Mike Bass WA9TKK

I can’t answer this question, but I have one for you. Are you using Vox or PTT to transition from RX to TX? PTT should be better.

Squelch is right; do you have AGC off?

73 Constrainted

I use PTT.

Also, AGC is off.

on the baofeng uv-5r, there is a menu setting:


turn that off

squelch tail elimination
causes tx to delay after ptt release.

some china radios have no menu option, like my hg-uv98
hopefully yours does

good luck

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Yes, STE was on but after turning it off, I am still getting that slight delay in making a successful Winlink session. I have several other options for connecting to Winlink, but apparently not with this particular device. I will try direct contact with the manufacter. Thanks much for the tip.

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yep, good luck.

it’s the one thing about my hg-uv98 that keeps it from being my ‘all in one’ for the motorcycle.

just can’t turn around fast enough for any of the data modes.
(aprs messaging, winlink pkt/vara, my bpq node etc)

i’ve got an older uv5r that is fast enough with ste turned off but of course it has no analog aprs functions on the radio itself.


Roger that. Thanks for the input.

73, Mike WA9TKK

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