Radioddity DB-25D

I have a spare Radioddity DB25-D that I’m debating on using in a go kit. Any idea if any of the prebuilt cable would work with the digirig? It has a RJ45 mic plug in the front in addition to a “Speaker/Mic” 2 prong plug on the side.

The manual for the transceiver has this:

The Baofeng cable should do the business then. Please report how it goes if you decide to give it a go.

The pinout for RJ-45 connector doesn’t look like anything common, which is a weird call. Everyone and their sister use the same connector and insist up with their own pinouts… :thinking:

During my research I was leaning towards the fact the Baofeng Cable could work and will give that a try. If I get good results I may make a cable for use with the RJ45 connector.

I’m debating on building a go kit box with this radio so the RJ45 would allow me to mount the radio below the panel minus the control head.

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Hello K04RJX,

I too am looking to use my Radioddity DB25-D radio to do Winlink messaging with Vara FM.
Did you have any luck using the Baofeng cable that K0TX suggested to you?
Thank you.