Random Rig Control Errors: FLRig/JS8Call/G90/Win10

I’ve been running a Digirig and this setup for over a year and have never been able to keep it from dropping out randomly.

Power can be 10W-20W and it does not increase with Pout.

The antenna coax does not cross or run near the cables to the digirig.

Hoping someone can check my settings and find what I’m missing?

Appreciate any help!

That is frustrating! What is your polling interval in JS8CALL?

73 Constrainted

Thank you for looking at this…

1 second Polling Interval

Maybe try increasing that in 10s increments up to 30s. What is your radio? OK Xiegu-G90. So no separate amplifier or tuner?

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Correct, no amp or tuner. Putting at 10S now, thanks

I had good experience with G90 over Omnirig. WSJT-X support that so should JS8Call.

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increasing to 10 secs made not diff, increasing to 30

Went up to 60sec, still drops out.

I finally gave up, Omnirig just works! Thanks for this.

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Congratulations! Thanks for reporting your success with Omnirig.

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Random issues often is a tell tail sign of RF getting into the USB cable. Even with good quality cables, RF can invade USB ports inside of your computer. It does not take much. Put extra chokes on everything. It can clean up these issues.

73 - Dave - NF6P

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Agreed, I have two chokes on every wire and they are routed away from coax and power cables.

The issue has completely disappeared by going to Omnirig, which doesn’t use a persistent polling scheme. Better mouse trap.

It’s a flrig issue.

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Roger that. I’m using the ACLog software and it has it’s own set of rig control for CAT in my FT-891. But I have used OmniRig in the past.

Happy Hamming - Dave - NF6P

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Finally got around to checking this out.
Best logger I think I’ve seen, thanks!