Raspberry Pi doesn't 'see' Digirig for KX3

I have a raspberry pi that successfully talks to a Yaesu 857 with a Digirig device.

I just acquired an Elecraft KX3, and bought a new Digirig to use with the KX3. I also bought the ‘short cable’ set.

I connected the black and green plugs that go to the Digirig based on the ‘color’ on the Digirig for the green plug. For the three plugs to the radio, I looked at the great picture on digirig site: black acc1, green to phones, red to mic.

Running ls /dev/serial/by-id, the RPi doesn’t see the radio. I connect the RPi to the digirig for the Yaesu (and do a reboot of the RPi just to be sure), and ls /dev/serial/by-id sees the Digirig. Switch back to the new Digirig and hence the KX3 (reboot the RPi) - and ls /dev/serial/by-id does not see the new Digirig.

I am hoping here is some simple step I am missing to get the RPi to see te new RS-232 Digirig that is connected to the KX3.

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Do you have any windows machines to try and see if Digirig is detected in the device manager as described in the “getting started” tutorial. Depending on the result we can focus on different areas of troubleshooting.

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Thank you. I will switch to my windows machine and walk through the tutorial. I will get back to you.

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Sigh - sorry to have bothered you… My USB-C cable was bad…

On Windows - it didn’t recognize the device. So it was either the USB-C cable or the Digirig. I swapped out the USB-C cable and windows found the device.
So I moved back to my RPi - and the device is recognized. Obviously many more steps to go - but I am in business - thank you.



Thank you for the update. Yes, charging only USB cables are the most common reason for Digirig’s components not detected by the computer.