Rigctl settings for Linux

Anybody successful using digirig with rigctl on Linux? I can see the device appearing as ttyUSB0 but don’t know the right settings to configure it further.

Ok, answering my own question, LOL.

rigctl -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -P RTS

However, the problem I had was that brltty would steal the device a few seconds after connecting. Which resulted in not being able to connect to it and the PTT being stuck high. As seen with

$ sudo dmesg | grep cp210
[    9.512532] usbcore: registered new interface driver cp210x
[    9.543674] usbserial: USB Serial support registered for cp210x
[    9.596031] cp210x 1-2.2:1.0: cp210x converter detected
[    9.629925] usb 1-2.2: cp210x converter now attached to ttyUSB0
[   11.020497] usb 1-2.2: usbfs: interface 0 claimed by cp210x while 'brltty' sets config #1
[   11.126768] cp210x ttyUSB0: cp210x converter now disconnected from ttyUSB0
[   11.126901] cp210x 1-2.2:1.0: device disconnected

This worked to disable brltty

sudo systemctl stop brltty-udev.service
sudo systemctl mask brltty-udev.service
sudo systemctl stop brltty.service
sudo systemctl disable brltty.service