RMS Packet FTM-300D


I’m setting up a hybrid RMS gateway using an FTM-300D. I’m able to get it to use Vara FM fine, and also Soundmodem for Packet fine. When trying to run both simultaneously, I run into conflicts on the COM port for PTT. I’ve round articles on running both of them using a DRA-50, but unable to find anything regarding using a digirig.

Does anyone know if it is possible to run both Vara FM and Packet simultaneously with a digirig?

In WL, you will be using the packet program alone in packet mode, and Vara FM program alone with Vara FM.

But I have had problems with that packet program. Because the Houston area is concentrating itself on VARA FM, I have been sticking just to it.

Thanks Domemt

Both VARA FM and Packet modes work find separately with RMS Packet. I was hoping to get them running at the same time. In this article, Scott NS7C describes how to configure it using a DRA interface. The DRA uses “RA-Board” for PTT, which appears to get around the problem of a conflict when two apps (Vara and Soundmodem) try to use the same COM port for PTT.

Perhaps my only solutions are:

  1. Get a second radio (which means another Digirig or DRA and antenna)
  2. Get a DRA-50 and try the solution in the article
  3. Drop packet and use Vara FM only.

Given finances, I’m guessing option 3 is going to win unless someone has some ideas.


Hello from Idaho. I am a digital trainer . One of 6 in the area. I have had a dra50 running VARA FM and the same computer running packet on a different radio. I don’t see how you could set it up any other way . If two stations connect at the same time the radio wouldn’t handle it like the old packet radio would years ago. Besides the software occupying tge ptt serial poet first would be the one that would have dominion over the ptt. At least that is my thinking,. Please send me the article you were reading and I will see if I can make heads or toes out of it and get back to you. My email address is kb7itu@gmail.com.

Steve KB7ITU