Sanity Check - Play back audio files

While waiting for my cable to arrive, I wanted to share my plan with the group and solicit feedback.

I need to start playing pre-recorded audio for a local net (amateur radio newsline). I looked at doing this with my FT-991a, but a couple of dead ends led me to look at how I might use my digirig and an old FT-7900R to solve the problem. Once the radio arrives, I suspect that my biggest challenge will be toggling of PTT on the radio (which doesn’t have intrinsic vox support).

My thought is that I can toggle RTS enabled of the digirig to “on” before playing back to the digirig audio device and back to “off” to stop transmitting. To avoid unnecessary troubleshooting, I play to approach with the following steps:

  1. with the cable plugged only into the radio side (rj12), short the TRRS connector to verify that PTT is activated
  2. With everything connected as it should be, use the Windows “mode” command to observe PTT being turned on and off when RTS is toggled
  3. On simplex frequency with a receiving station set up, use the Windows “mode” command to turn on RTS, play an audio file to validate that the audio is heard on the receiving station, and then use the Windows “mode” command to turn off RTS
  4. Write a small Windows application to provide more convenient way to toggle the RTS bit

Does that approach track or does someone have more directly applicable experience that would make some of the steps unnecessary?


KB9KMB - Kyle