Serial cable for radioddity gd77/tyt-md380/similar?

Are there serial programming cables for radios like the Radioddity GD77 or the TYT MD 380 that have a K1 connector, but aren’t compatible with the Baofeng serial cables? These radios have the serial-to-usb chip on the radio, and the cable is just a pass through (unlike the Baofeng cables, which include a usb-to-serial chip in the cable itself).

I believe some Anytone HTs have similar arrangement. I can add K1 to USB cable to the store. Not sure how much demand there is for something like that.

If more people need these, please post here.

Not sure if this is exactly related as it not about programing, but rather using the Digirig for digital modes beyond the DMR provide by the HT natively.

I would be interested in a cable for the TYT MD-UV380

Also I have the GD-77 and the TYT MD-9600 (mobile). These are all DMR radios and I use them as such but I would like to be able to do other digital modes beyond DMR and it seems the Digirig and computer interfaced into the radios is the most practical way at this time.

For HF I have a FT-991A and it has a direct computer / usb interface, so I have that side covered, but when it comes to mobile, and hand portable this seems the route to go.

Please let me know if it possible to get interface cables for the GD-77 and/or MD-UV380. I will first in line to get it if you can.

@pick Have you tried this out with acoustic coupling? You can make a rough test with a forgiving mode like MT63 on fldigi and no cabling at all. Then once you are satisfied it works and the DMR repeater owners do not mind, custom audio cabling for the handset and mobile makes sense.

73 Constrainted

I am not familiar with MT63 and I do not want to use DMR transmission. Rather I am thinking of using the analog feature of these radios along with the Digirig to bring additional digital modes / functions to my radios / usage.

Thank you for the timely reply.

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