Setup in mint 21.4 using flrig

I just got all my cables and my digirig so far not able to send I am hearing well. I have a yaseu ft 7800 and a yaseu ft 60 plus a radioitty qb25 the only one that transmits is the ft 60 and it sounds like a picket fence.

I am using thw Amrron script with linux using fldigi and js8call and fsq all work great with signalink so not sure why it work work with digirig.



Use regular headphones in the audio socket to confirm you get the audio output. If you do then the issue is on the radio side. If you don’t then it’s on the software side.

I got the baofeng to ptt can not get the yaseu ft 7800 or the ft60 to work seems to be software flrig settings somewhere.


You can rule out cabling issue by simulating PTT on the other end of the cable.

I got three out of 4 to work it was on the software side flrig some setting need to change.

the radioitty qb25 when i did the cable test ptts on the tip everytime i try to get it to work it transmits.
so all the radios that i have cables for work

thanks for your help.

73 Kj6pyv