SignaLink vs Digirig -- Actual User's Perspective

As of January 5, 2023 I purchased and begin using the SignaLink with my FT-891. Prior I was using a QDX xcvr at QRP levels. I have the FT-891 set for 40 watts output. While the SignaLink worked, and continued working, I found I needed to tweak the SignaLink TX on each mb to achieve the power out I had set in the FT-891. Quickly, constantly, tweaking the tx knob became a nuisance, aka PITA, and I simply left the SignaLink TX knob at the 11 o’clock position. Yes, I knew I wasn’t getting the output desired; however, this was easier than setting the FT-891 to show PO (power out) and tweaking the SignaLink TX knob each time I switched mb. In general, I prefer having the FT-891 set to show me SWR.

In July 2023 I became aware of the Digirig. Don’t recall how… maybe weekly ARRL newsletter?

Probably, similar to most, I absolutely hate purchasing something similar to what I already own. Therefore, I put off pursuing the Digirig. However, during this time, I continued researching the Digirig and read numerous reviews of the Digirig.

In January 2024 I purchased the Digirig and cables for my xcvr. After a bit of tweaking Windows 10 and WXJT-X to use the new setup, I was “in business” with my first contact using the Digirig on Tuesday, January 30, 2024. The Digirig is working fine even with a USB cable I had in my collection of usb cables box. However, since then, I did purchase, and I’m now using, shielded USB cables purchased from Digirig.

Using the Digirig with the FT-891 I initially check the power out when I switch mb. Each time the output is what I’ve set in the FT-891 (40 watts). Finally! No more tweaking!

My overall impression/opinion? I highly recommend the Digirig.

What do I miss from the SignaLink? Nothing. Please realize, there is nothing wrong with the SignaLink. It’s the constant knob tweaking with the SignaLink that’s the problem.

Problem(s) with Digirig? So far, nothing.

A suggestion for Digirig revision 1.10. Have the Digirig’s case “d” and the “r” light up in red as shown at the Digirig website when transmitting. :wink:


Thank you for taking time to write your testimony.
I appreciate your insight and glad to hear Digirig solved the need for constant adjustments.
73 de K0TX

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I purchased a Digirig and a SignaLink (SL) last year. I wanted to try both, and use the SL for base station comms on VHF FM analog. I agree that the SL is fussy, and the tuning controls are pretty broad, having very little effect on the output power in USB mode. I much prefer the Digirig to the SignaLink. It would be nice if the Digirig had a couple of LED indicators on it.

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