Simple set up for ICOM 706 and the Digirig Lite

I have used West Mountain Radio Rigblaster for some time but wish something way simpler. I am using Windows 10 on a HP EliteDesk computer. Just want to run FT8. Dipoles in the attic (not good but live in a POA). I understand basic computer settings and WSJT-X settings; I prefer to use JTDX on my big screen TV. I do not wish to spend a bunch of bucks to run FT8 every now and then. A “simple” diagram would greatly help. Looks like the Lite model might be a good choice. BTW I have ferrite on everything! Too much RF in shack!..thanks, Gene

I’d recommend Digirig Mobile instead of Digirig Lite for the CAT-capable base station like IC-706.
You’ll need to pick one in CI-V configuration and use this cable kit:

You’ll also need one of the USB cables.

thanks for the info… this takes care of everything: audio in/out, PTT? I noticed your USB cables have built-in ferrite beads–are these the “good” ones? I think the ferrite beads I purchased from China are junk…

Gene, WA5PWP

Yes, there are good ferrites and shielding.

Sounds good… one last question, With my antennas in the attic (right above me) I tend to get a lot of RF in the shack… have any others had a similar problem. Using the Rigblaster it gave me fits; I was always going back into Windows settings or WSJT settings to redo things. This is no fun.

73, Gene

Of course, go with whatever Denis @K0TX says, but I will offer this:

I have used Digirig with three under-the-roof antennas I use for operating during threat of lightning. I check:

  1. ARRL RF Exposure Calculator (
  2. RFI countermeasures listed in Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig

73 Constrainted

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good morning;

Thanks for the info, I will purchase sometime but being retired I cannot spare the money.

73, Gene

If you belong to a club, maybe another member can lend you clip-on ferrites to see how many you need. That way, you can order the right number and keep your cost to a minimum.

73 Constrainted