Soundmodem and PinPoint APRS with DigiRig - will not TX APRS packets


I have been trying to make UZ7HO soundmodem to work with PinPoint, but it just would not transmit APRS packet.

My setup: Yaesu FT8800R <> Yaesu FT-8xx cords for Digirig Mobile <> Digirig Mobile - Logic Levels <> Windows 10 PC

My Soundmodem settings:

The soundmodem is receiving packets, no problem.

My PinPoint TNC settings:


I hope someone can point me in the right direction on how I can transmit APRS packets with this setup.

Thanks in advance.

Boyet 4F3BZ

Update on my soundmodem settings:

I finally figured it out. I am now able to send APRS packets with my setup.



PinPoint TNC:


Thank you for your interest.

Boyet 4F3BZ


I just tried PinPoint APRS + DigiRig+ Baofeng + Win10 (off-line, that is, I intentionally did not connect to APRS-is). When I clicked “Connect ,TNC” under tools, my HT got stuck on Transmit. COM3 is my DigiRig COM port. See settings below.
Baofeng: Squelch - 5, VOX - Off
Pinpoint settings 1

What am I doing wrong?

And, none of the videos I watched mentioned needing Soundmodem. Yet, Boyet uses Soundmodem.
Am I missing something there, too?

Thanks. Coyote KO4UPH

I use soundmodem on Windows 11.

Maybe there is radio frequency interference, RFI. Try ferrite beads on the USB cable and separating the antenna from the transceiver.

73 Constrainted

Your configuration assumes the use of TNC. Digirig is a sound card so you’ll need a virtual TNC software such as soundmodem. The radio keys up because the computer sends the data stream through Digirig’s serial port expecting a TNC there, and in process activates port’s RTS signal which Digirig uses for keying up the radio.

@coyote my advice was wrong; Denis @K0TX is right. I did not look closely enough at your configuration, which is not able to connect to soundmodem software TNC. “serial KISS mode” should be “network KISS mode.”

73 Constrainted

Thank you, both.
I changed the TNC setting to “network KISS mode.” I also started Soundmodem before starting PinPoint APRS. Here are my new settings. The second one shows the error message that PinPoint gives:

Thank you, Coyote

Maybe make the KISS server ports both 8100, by correcting the entry in Pinpoint from 8001 to 8100?

73 Constrainted

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Thank you, again, Constrainted.
It is working wonderfully now.
Here are my settings for PinPoint APRS + Soundmodem + Win10 + Digirig + Baofeng

Baofeng: Squelch - 5 ; VOX - off

In addition to the settings that Constrainted and
Denis K0TX mentioned, I also unchecked (disabled) the AGWPE Server Port: 8000 in Soundmodem.

73 and thank you, Coyote KO4UPH

Congratulations! Thanks for reporting your success. You may be limited to strong signals with the squelch to 5, but use whatever works for you.

73 Constrainted

Constrainted - thanks. That’s a good tip to remember.