Soundmodem PTT not working with Digirig and G90

I’m using a Digirig revision 1.5 with my Xiegu G90. I cannot get Soundmodem to key PTT. I have used two methods, neither of which work:

  1. Select PTT port EXT and then the USB PnP Sound Device from the PTT.DLL drop-down menu. When I hit TEST on this menu, PTT doesn’t key on the radio.

  2. Select COM3 (which is the COM port that gets allocated to the Digirig device on my computer. No way to test PTT within Soundmodem when this option is chosen, but I tried hitting BEACON in Easyterm and nothing happened (the packet info for the beacon showed up in the Soundmodem monitor screen, but the radio didn’t key up to send it).

Any ideas? I’ve got Soundmodem to work with my UV5R connected through a Digirig (revision 1.9). But it’s not working with the G90.

With Digirig rev 1.5 you can either have configuration capable of driving hardware PTT by RTS or configuration capable of handling serial CAT control. More info here. If you have your Digirig configured for PTT by RTS as required by your Baofeng then the same unit it is not set for G90’s CAT control.

With the switch from TRS to TRRS connector starting from Digirig 1.6, the additional pin allowed the interface to drive PTT by RTS independently from serial CAT configuration.

I opened up the Digirig revision 1.5 There is no solder connecting across the RTS terminal for the tip, so it looks like it is set up for serial CAT control. I can confirm that this is the case, because the Digirig/G90 combo works fine with flrig - I can key PTT with flrig set up to use CAT. It just isn’t working with the PTT.dll that Andrei supplies to use with Soundmodem.

I also own a Digirig revision 1.9 that I bought primarily to use with my UV5R. Would I be better off buying the Xiegu G90 cables to go with the rev 1.9 unit and trying this instead?

Yes, with new G90 cables with TRRS jacks and your existing Digirig 1.9 you’ll be able configure PTT by RTS.

Thanks. I’ve got it figured out now. I selected CAT as my port and changed the CAT settings in the Soundmodem CAT.dll menu to turn off RTS and DTR, and selected IC7200 as the radio. That way, I was able to use my Digirig revision 1.5 device with the cables I already had, since I wasn’t using RTS. The G90 emulates IC7200 CAT commands pretty well, I’m told. Anyway, with those settings, I am able to key PTT in Soundmodem.


Well, you did it your own way! That piece of information about emulating the IC-7200 CAT commands was your key!


73 Constrainted