Split digirig audio to speakers?

I have a successfully set up a BTECH BTech UV-5x3 radio with a digirig Baofeng cable to a Raspberry pi 4 to work with fldigi receive and transmit.

I want to be able to monitor the audio out from fldigi while it is transmitting without using a separate radio. As seen in the screenshot below, Configure > Sound Card > Devices is set to “Enable” = :heavy_check_mark: and “sysdefault” in the pop-up, which should monitor the sound, but I can’t hear anything from my Raspberry Pi speakers.

Do I need to change the audio settings on the Raspberry Pi to make this work? Or do I instead need to buy or make a sound splitter Y-cable to feed the audio from fldigi to the pi speakers as well as the radio?

Thanks for any ideas…


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On the top menu click View | RX Audio Dialog

In the Rx Audio Monitor dialog that opens, click the check box in the upper left corner labeled “RX Monitor”.

On my system, this pipes both the received and transmitted audio through the speakers, unfortunately including static.