SVXLink Echolink repeater node setup on Raspberry Pi 3

Has anyone been successful in configuring Digirig on a Pi 3 as an Echolink repeater node? I am trying to migrate it off a Windows machine to be dedicated on a Pi 3. Using SVXLinkBuilder got things setup but there are errors starting SvxLink.

Starting logic: RepeaterLogic

Found plugin: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/svxlink/

RepeaterLogic: Loading RX “Rx1”

Failed to create secure directory (/etc/svxlink/.config/pulse): Operation not permitted

*** ERROR: unknown/unsupported sound chip detected…

*** ERROR: Squelch detector initialization failed for RX “Rx1”

*** ERROR: Could not initialize RX “Rx1”

*** ERROR: Could not load or initialize Logic object “RepeaterLogic”. Skipping…

*** ERROR: No logics available. Bailing out…