Thank You DigiRig!

Just wanted say thank you for providing a solution that works across so many platforms, radios and modes.

I originally got your DigiRig mobile for use with my Xiegu G90 for FT8. I had made my own interface cables for the CE19, and while they worked, it was an unGodly mess of horrible wires strewn all over my work area along with the CE19, which is (lets be honest) an interface that looked like a home built science fair project. The whole mess contributed to a high noise floor and affected the performance of the whole system adversely.

Your interface is a high quality product and along with your cables, it is absolutely awesome! After switching, to your products, my noise floor dropped by half or more, and my radio performed flawlessly.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m working FT8, ALE, VARA (HF or FM), or any mode. It just works. It works with HRD, FLrig, or any other software I use. So I bought some cables for my Boofwangs (sp) which also work with Quansheng HT’s as well, and now CHIRP programing or digital modes on those work great now. Bought a cable for my TYT TH9800, and now all those modes with it are effortless too.

Now my station doesn’t look like a mad scientist workshop with a bird’s nest of wires and all the hassle with signal noise that it brings. Your cables work professionally and your attention to noise reduction has really made my radio experience enjoyable .

The fact that you support so many radios with cables and technical info is mind boggling and I just wanted to express my gratitude for your company and your excellent products. You have allowed me to explore so many areas of amateur radio with ease and success that I just keep learning more and experiencing the full potential of my gear.



What a great endorsement! I was lucky I found the Digirig. In contrast to the other devices, it had no knobs or pots on board and was less expensive. It continues to work with any radio or digital mode software I try. Now I am finding it useful to enable hands-free operation.

73 Constrainted


Happy to hear that Digirig has contributed to your enjoyment of the hobby.
The great community support and feedback is what makes it possible. It has been an awesome journey. Thank you so much!


I would like to express how happy I am for purchasing the DigiRig Mobile and the cables for the Yaesu FT-70DR and the FTM-300DR.

The examples that were provided on the DigiRig web page for troubleshooting and the DigiRig forum allowed me to avoid many hours of frustration.

I have successfully used your products with Direwolf and SoundModem soundcards and worked packet with PinPoint APRS and Winlink.

Thanks for the great product. Hope DigiRig has a great year

Fred Homan


Thank you for your testimony! Glad to hear you are enjoying the packet radio with Digirig.