Trouble connecting Digirig to Surface Go 2 and KX3

Gentlemen: I have a Digirig configured for a Elecraft KX3, and it runs various digital programs properly on a laptop running Windows 10. I recently acquired a Surface Go 2 running Windows 10 also. I can’t seem to connect the Digirig to the Surface Go through the single USB-C port. When configuring Wsjtx, I don’t see a com port available under Settings>Radio>CAT Control>Serial Port. I have USB listed, but no Com port available in this setting. I have run the FTDI utility, CDM212364_Setup as I did on the laptop, but no joy. In Device Manager, under ‘Ports (Com & LPT)’, I have a USB Serial Port (COM3), and in Properties it says "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer (Code45). I would appreciate any advice you would share. Thanks, Jack, N8EYF

This sounds like a driver issue. I would try uninstalling the current COM port entry from the Device Manager and running hardware detection again.

Thanks for replying Denis. When you say to uninstall the current COM port entry, do I uninstall the device, driver, or both? I am learning a bit about COM ports lately ! - Jack

You can remove/uninstall device from Device Manager. If there is a driver entry in the uninstall programs utility, you can try removing that too.

It’s not a certain result method, but just a trial-and-error method to see what sticks.