Trouble Shooting for Kenwood Ts 570D

Hello all,
I have a problem and hope that someone can help me.
I have the DigiRig RS 232 with the DB9 cables and the Kenwood TS570d.
I can receive with WSJT X everything, but not send.
I have tried it with a Windows laptop and a Raspberry PI.
I have changed the USB cable.
Am not sure about the settings.
Have the radio on the desired frequency 21074 USB eingetsellt and audio input and output in WSJT X the digirig selected.
When I select in the radio RIG settings the Kenwood TS 570 D always come error messages.
Can anyone tell me what I have to set where exactly?

Would be very grateful for help.
Many thanks already

Many greetings Simon

Is /dev/tty/AMA0 a serial port associated with Digirig?
Let’s see the output of lsusb command on your machine.