Troubleshooting digirig and Icom ID-51 using digirig supplied cable

when I plug the cable into the radio it does not seat well. wiggling the connector changes the frequency and modes of the radio. I can see the needle move with audio. When I calibrate, the radio does not switch to transmit. PTT set to com10, RTS

Do you use ICOM HT cable?

Does it look like it inserts fully? Any molding bumps against the radio’s case before the connector is fully in?

I inspected the Digirig cable for molding defects and at the same time compared it to the ICOM speaker mic connector. It looks like I have the wrong cable. Shown below is a picture of the two cables. The Icom speaker mic connector is shown on the left with two rings. The Digirig connector is shown on the right. I have attached a copy of my order.

That looks like a correct Icom HT cable. The ring contact is not used for audio/PTT.
For good measure, please confirm the spacing between the connectors.

From the picture it looks like there is waterproofing added to the plug which suggests that it may be deeply recessed in the radio’s case. Do you see molding on Digirig’s connector bump against the case before it is fully inserted?