Trying to understand where it failed

took the digirig with me mobile and wound up with a HOT digirig and now deaf unit(ptt still functional) i can get it to work with PC microphone at 80 percent where I used to run 20%…this will not work on my laptop i ran mobile with the same method … i was able to make a few contacts over a few days so it had been working. Amazon says I’m not eligible for return can you get a replacement?

Hello @KD9YTP

Yes, you are correct now. Amazon does not accept returns, but you can contact the manufacturer directly to request a replacement or repair.
I hope they will provide a replacement or suggest fixing processes. :+1:

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That is disappointing. Denis @K0TX visits this forum. What radio were you using?

73 Constrainted

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Apologies for the trouble with your unit. Please PM for the repair arrangement.

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Thanks for the replies! i am using an htx 100! it has a headphone jack so i run that to external sound card now while im down! Will be reaching out

Denis promptly shipped me a new unit with an RMA return slip on fathers day at 8pm BRAVO!.. TEAM DIGIRIG made it possible for this ham to play on field day this weekend!! You wont find this kind of customer service anywhere else and I’m thoroughly impressed with my purchase