TS-140S Cat Control Problems

Hey all. Was curious if anybody has gotten the digirig (I have the rs232 kit) + db9 connectors to work with a Kenwood TS-140S. I have a piexx IF10C board installed for cat control. Unfortunate that the cable that came with the TS-140s kit was female so It required an additional a db9 Male/Male gender changer. The usb cable and usb filter that came with the also kit did not work. I tested both independently and with different cables, ended up having to provide my own cable. Audio is coming in fine, able to use the RX side of WSJT and manually setting the station. I do not seem to be able to connect to rig for cat control. It definitely tries to connect and my rig reacts (speaker shuts off during attempt) but I then receive timeout errors. I’ve tried all the recommended defaults for rig and tested with flrig and wsjt and it behaves the same. Baud set to 4800. No Com4 conflicts, RTS/CTS checked and 2 Stop bits in flrig. Also tried sending IF; command directly to radio with no response. Has anybody successfully connected to a TS-140s setup like this with Cat control? If so, what settings did you use?

It appears that my rig is the problem and not the digirig. Unable to talk to it with a direct serial connection as well. Piexx IF10C board was a simple plug and play install, will have to figure out how to troubleshoot that next.