TS-2000 issue with ARCP-2000

Hi all! I’m HJ4JPG, from Colombia.

Got my Digirig recently, and plugged it in my Kenwood TS-2000, with all the hookups.

I started setting up everything to use my laptop as a TNC for Packet Radio, so I installed and configured Soundmodem and EasyTerm.

This is my configuration in Soundmodem:

However, whenever I try to send anything via EasyTerm, my radio PTTs, but nothing comes out of it. I’m monitoring with a handy, the channel comes up, but there is nothing on air.
For reception it works wonders, I’m able to see all the packet traffic coming and going. It is just transmission that is failing.

I have followed some of the troubleshooting steps at Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig, all cables and connectors are well plugged, I have raised the level to 100%, to no avail.

I haven’t found the option in my transceiver to change from mic to line input level, but I have changed the AF Input Level for Packet (50B) option in all the values from 0 to 9, but I don’t get anything in my monitoring radio.

I saw this in the manual, and followed the steps, still nothing:

(I’m not using the internal TNC)

I also tried the Calibration option in Soundmodem, clicking on the three options, and PTT opens but nothing comes thru.

EDIT #1: More info, now that I remember, I have plugged a headset to the Audio line, and I can hear the packet audio perfectly through the headset.

However, and interestingly, using Direwolf does get me thru. However, Direwolf seems to have some compatibility issues with Easyterm, and most packets never get delivered.

Do you have any idea what could be happening? Thanks!

EDIT #2: Sorry about double editing, however, I was able to fix it.
I was using PTT port CAT, instead of PTT port COM3 (the port where the Digirig got mapped to).

However, now I’m facing some trouble with ARCP-2000 and CHIRP. It seems that since both of those programs use RTS, I’m unwillingly transmitting while those tools do their own stuff.
Is there any workaround about this? I guess the only solution is unplugging the Audio cable while the RS-232 connection is running?

The software using the COM port must have option for disabling the hardware flow control. If there isn’t one then it will key up the radio every time it uses the port and the work around is to disconnect audio side.