TS-440S Cable PTT pin

Hi! I ordered the cable set for the ts-450 as it was listed as being compatible with the TS-440s. I don’t have the IC-10 chips inside my rig, so I’m operating with PTT controls instead of CAT or rig controls.

The cable that hooks to the ACC2 jack (the audio cable and PTT line) do not match up to the pinout of the ts-440s for PTT operation. From a quick test it hooks to pin 9 instead of pin 13 for PTT operation. I attempted to disassemble the end of the cable to relocate the wire to the correct position but I am afraid i’ll end up destroying the cable trying to get the sheathing off.

Is this the proper cable for this unit? Does the ts-450 use pin 9 instead of pin 13 for PTT? How should I proceed?



From the pinouts I find online the pin 9 is the correct one and this cable works for other Kenwoods.


Does it not work with yours? Here’s the simple way to simulate the PTT:

On my 440s manual pin 9 only mutes the microphone, pin 13 is used to key up. I did try the method linked in your video and was unable to get the transmitter to key up.

Thank you for the reply!

Hmm, that’s unusual. Ok, so one option would be to connect the two pins on the radio’s side through say 1K resistor (just in case) . Another option is to re-do the 13 pin side of the cable. You’ll probably need a serviceable version of that connector for that.

Please keep us posted on your progress.

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Ok, I cut off the end of the cable and resoldered a new end with the ptt pin attached to pin 13. I’m happy to report that moving it from pin 9 to 13 allows TX. You may want to validate/update the cable page with that info.




Thanks for the update. I’ve added the link to this post in the product description.