Ts2000 bajo nivel tx con digirig

Buena tarde! Alguno ha tenido el problema de que al transmitir con el TS2000, éste lo hace a muy baja potencia en FT8 con el digirig? La configuracion de windows audio es normal a 41000hz 16bits, nivel puesto por el usuario con varias opciones para pruebas y sigue igual.
73! XE2MDH

Good afternoon! Has anyone had the problem that when transmitting with the TS2000, it does so at very low power in FT8 with the digirig? The windows audio configuration is normal at 41000hz 16bits, level set by the user with various options for testing and remains the same.

The important setting for the audio is under “level” tab. More info on setting the levels can be found here: Setting Audio Levels For Digital Modes – digirig

Some radios have input sensitivity settings and AGC setting that can limit incoming audio signal. High SWR can also cause low power output.

Hi! Ok I will check that, and reply it, thanks!