Ts2000 causes radio to stay on tx with FLDIGI/FLRIG

I recently bought the digi rig cable set for the ts2000 and am trying to use them with my ts200 and a brand new digi rig that I bought a month ago.

When i set flrig to use the settings for the radio and press the init button it causes the radio to key-up and transmit and wont unkey until I power the radio off even if i unplug the usb from my computer. I have tried all manner of settings and the result is the same.

Sounds like hardware flow control signals are not disabled in FlRig. No handshake, hardware flow control or activation of RTS/CTS should be done in rig control configuration.

RTS should be used in PTT configuration. If that doesn’t work, please post the screenshots of the Xcvr and generic PTT sections.

I have reset FLRIG and these are the settings. When I select RTS/CTS or RTS +12v in the xcvr the ts2000 keys up and I have to reset the receiver. If neither of those are selected FlRig fails to connect to the ts-2000 even when I have the PTT sections as none.

The PTT section is irrelevant at this point since FlRig fails to connect.

Here are the screen shots requested.

PTT section is relevent because you can have PTT control even without CAT working.

Please make sure your Digirig is configured for RS-232. I couldn’t find your order by email to check if you purchased pre-configured Digirig.

Yes I think you are right, as I plugged in my RT Systems Programming cable and it shows up as another com port which I am able to connect to and control my ts-2000 as I expect.

My order number is as follows: [Order #D-10860] (2023-05-26)

I checked my order and the units are for the default logic level NOT for RS-232.

I would like to exchange my unused unit for one setup for RS-232 or possibly have you reach out to me and let me know how to re-flash my unit if that is possible.

Here’s the info on the serial port configuration: