TS850 setup help

I have two cables with audio plugs. Where do they go on computer? There isn’t color coding.

saw speaker symbol on one of the plugs…so that goes into audio on digirig, I presume and the other plug goes into the other hole labeled serial. Right??

I looked up your order and you got Kenwood TS-450 cables kit:

These cables are not plugged into computer. They go between the Digirig and your transceiver. Here’s the relevant note from the product page:

  • one serial RS-232 cable for CAT with Din-6 connector and one Audio/PTT cable with Din-13 connector

Finally figured that out. 13 pin cable goes to “Audio” and the Din-6 goes to “Serial”.
I have downloaded the “CP210x_Universal_Windows_Driver”. We didn’t download anything else.
I am causing the rig to show it’s transmitting but there is no audio. Is there something else I need to do to set the audio level?