ttyUSB0 from DigRig not available in /dev

Hello All: I’m using DigiRig with an FT-817ND and Andy’s Ham Radio Linux on a Gateway laptop (xubuntu-based). LSUSB shows the two USB ports from DigiRig in Linux (210x serial and USB CODEC), but ttyUSB0 does not show-up in /dev. If I unplug and re-plug the USB Cable, the ttyUSB0 port initially shows-up in /dev, but after 10-12 seconds in goes away (and then no serial port for CAT control). Same problem with a different laptop running AHRL, and a different version of linux and FLRIG (Raspian OS and Build-A Pi).

For reference, if I replace the FT-817 with an ICOM IC-7100 (built-in USB port for CODEC and serial CAT), ttyUSB0 is visible in /dev and CAT works for the IC-7100 using FLRIG. All seems to point to the DigiRig.

Any thoughts to debug or fix?

Try it on a Windows PC to see if this is something OS specific or a hardware issue.
Also googling “linux ttyUSB disappears” found this:

Even if the solution doesn’t work, it demonstrates a good troubleshooting method.

Hello - Thanks, wish I had thought to google this topic and/or use dmesg to debug :-(.

Looks a lot like the BRLTTY problem is it. I’ll confirm later today.

Jeff Marden/N1JCM

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