Tutorial: Digirig Configuration on Raspberry Pi

Hi all. I posted a video to YouTube showing how I configure the Digirig with the Raspberry Pi Computers that I use for my family’s off-grid wireless communications system.

In this video I cover:

  • Physically connecting the Digirig to the radio and the computer
  • How to make sure your audio alerts and other system sounds aren’t played over the Digirig (we only want digital radio noises going through the Digirig)
  • Configuring the Digirig’s audio levels in Alsamixer
  • Forcing the sound card order to provide consistent operation with comms software like FLDIGI
  • I also demonstrate the easy way to download comms software onto a Raspberry Pi



Even though I am not currently a Raspberry Pi user, I took a look, and learned a lot. Many linux users can use the aliases.conf modprobe solution for repeatable access to the Digirig’s soundcard.


73 Constrainted

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Thank you!