Tx on VARA FM issue

i have an Icom 706MkII, Signalink USB, and using OmniRig. I have CAT control with VARAC on the HF modem, works fine TX and RX. However the FM I have CAT control for changing freq, I have receive audio, but my problem is no PTT with the Icom rig. I do see the PTT light on the SignaLink and I hear TX audio out the monitor speaker, but the radio TX light does not come on, no power out on watt meter, so why does VARA HF work fine, but FM not key up the transmitter?

This is a forum for Digirig devices, which do not have LED indicators. I do not have experience with the Signalink. Maybe someone here does. Perhaps there is a forum for Signalink users.

73 Constrainted

I’m no expert on Signalink, but from what I understand there has to be a jumpers board installed that matches the cable you are connecting.

Best of luck with your setup. If you decide to upgrade to Digirig, there is a perfect kit for your radio that will replace both of the boxes (sound card + CI-V).