TXD/RTS Outboard Switch

I have a Digirig 1.5 and would like to continue using it for my FT817 but also for my HT. I have made the modification to the 1.5 as described by on the Digirig website, but does anyone see any issues with trying to install a small switch to toggle back and forth between TXD and RTS? There seems to be room inside the device.


Technically I don’t see an issue with adding switches between the configurations. Practically it’s going to be an investment in time and materials for the less than ideal partial solution with the success not guaranteed.

I’m a big proponent of homebrew and not trying to upsell but this would be my logic: This being a hobby project I put no value on the time spent, conservative $10 in materials and 50% success chance. You are looking at saving maybe about $15 to end up with a homebrew contraption that will have to be re-adjusted and re-connected between the radios as alternative to having a dedicated interface with each radio that you can use concurrently and no fuss associated with it.

Hello Denis,

I agree with your comment regarding “contraption”. I’ve got a “go box” with a .19 and I keep swapping it in and out of the box to support different radios. I know that one day I’ll grab the go-box and the Digirig won’t be inside.

Thanks for the nudge. Love my Digirigs.


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