Type-c bluetooth adapter

Has anyone used/found a type-c bluetooth adapter to replace the type-c usb cable that connects
the computer/table/phone to the digirig mobile? I was wondering if some device like that could solve some of the phone connection problems?
Just a thought?

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I haven’t received any reports of such setup, but would be interested in hearing how that went if you decide to give it a try.

BTW: what are the phone connection problems that you refer to?

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Trying to use aprsdroid to my ft-857D. Acn’t get a ptt.
The aprsdroid forum mentions not being able to do serial connections with that app.
I thought if there was a bluetooth adapter that would connect to the digirig that might be able to make up for it.
Just a thought.

Wired or wireless, it would still have to be a serial COM port and at this time there is no support in aprsdroid for PTT by RTS of serial port.

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I use DigiPi (running on a Raspberry Pi). DigiPi has a simple interface. The interface is primarily Wi-Fi but it might meet your requirements.
Perhaps check out KM6LYW on YouTube.
[KM6LYW Radio - YouTube]

73 N7FMH

I have tried really REALLY hard to find the type of USB wireless cable replacement that you described, without success. I can find options for HDMI and TRS, but not USB.