Unable to PTT FT5D

It just arrived my pack, with a Digirig, a cable for Baofeng and a cable for my Yaesu FT5D. I can PTT and everythings works with the Baofeng, but the cable for FT5D cannot stay in place. If I force it I can receive the audio but I still cannot PTT. What can I do?

Check the continuity to see if there is any wiring issue with the cable:

If the wiring is ok, then it can be a mechanical issue. Check that you have a latest version with the step in the molding:


Let me know your findings.

After some Ohm measures with my multimeter, I can tell you everything is coherent with the scheme you posted except the resistor value: it seems to be 0 Ohm, a short.
May be this is the problem? Is my a faulty cable?

Little update: if I guess the right pressure and angle pushing the jack connector in my FT5D I can PTT. But is totally unreliable and completely useless. I have never been able to PTT without touching the HT + cable system.

This is the cable I got

This is older design. Please email/PM me the order info and I’ll send out a replacement.
Meanwhile you can trim back the plastic around the base of the contacts to ensure the molding doesn’t prevent the full insertion.