Updated Codec - Testers Needed

I’m trying out an updated USB codec and could use some help from existing Digirig users.

Audio codec used in Digirig is CM108AH is out of production and I’m going to switch to the drop-in replacement chip CM108B. In my internal tests the units with the updated codec worked exactly the same as current version. I would like to also confirm it in a variety of real life scenarios.

If you are willing to participate in testing here are the terms I’m suggesting:

  • limited quantity available, one per user, first come basis. if this post is pinned then there are some units left
  • get the updated version for half price, keep it or return for refund within 30 days
  • I’ll need to know platform/digital modes/transceiver model used in your testing

If you want to participate, please place your regular Digirig order through the website (configuration of your choice) and leave a note saying that you want to test the updated Digirig. I’ll refund half of Digirig’s price right away. Let me know if you have any questions.

Finally back from vacation and had a chance to hook up the new device. No USB PnP Sound Device ever installed on two attempts, so I switched back to the old Digirig which works fine with my 891. The new one’s com ports seemed to install and show up fine in Device Manager. Not a windows or computer guy (more mac) so I have no idea how to troubleshoot further.

Gave it one more try by switching WSJT-X audio settings to “USB Audio Device” since no PnP ever installed. Seems to work fine, just did a quick FT-8 test on air. Transmit, receive, PTT all worked fine on test QSO. Not sure how the digirig functions without the PnP device, but I won’t upset it by further troubleshooting.

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Thank you for the report. Yes, the name of the audio device is different with the updated IC.
“USB Audio Device” is the new “USB PnP Sound Device”.