USB/Data setting always changing on KX3 using VARA HF/Winlink

Hi Folks - love the digirig and this helpful forum. I’m using my KX3 and am running Winlink successfully. The only glitch is that every time I change frequencies some combination of VARA HF and Winlink changes the needed Data setting back to Upper Side Band. It’s obviously not a big deal to press the DATA button on the KX3 to change the mode but it does get annoying over time. Any help much appreciated.

My settings are as follows in VARA HF Winlink Settings:

Radio model = Elecraft Radios
USB Digital selected
Radio Control Part = COM6; 38400 baud; Enable RTS and Enable DTR both UNselected
PTT Port (Optional) = K3; Baud 9600 greyed out; Enable RTS and DRT selected but greyed out.

John W1OFS