USB Isolator still made by GCtech?

I received a new USB Isolator from Digirig today. This one has no “GCtech MODEL: GC-112 USB ISOLATOR” label (like the one shown in the pictures of the isolator on the Digirig Store page). Also no QC PASS sticker. However the case is transparent and I can see “USB ISOLATOR V3.6” stenciled on the PCB.

Is this still a GCtech part or something else? Do the specs published on the Digirig Store page still apply to this unit?

These are a generic accessory. The one that I had when I took a picture had the sticker on it, the consecutive orders didn’t have it. If that was my fancy it would have Digirig logo on it, but since I’m not one who designed the product I didn’t bother with branding. The specs and principal components for data line and power isolation are the same and match the description.

Very good, I expected as much on the specs, thanks for confirming!

Works for me.

73 Constrainted